¹Ziping Liu, himself, is a citizen of the United States of America. He is protected and defended by America or as known as 🇺🇸 Government through her Constitution and Bill of Rights and ALL government departments federal or non-federal and federal agencies involved with defending his freedom and liberty.

²Ziping Liu is an employee of Amazon.com Inc., protected under FMLA and Legal Protection Leave until DEC 2022; and, he is defended and protected by her Leadership Principles which includes by symmetry: United Nations (UN) Declaration of Human Rights.

³U.N.'cover u.S. Notice 1: 🇺🇸 is a permanent security council member of the United Nations.

⁴U.N.'cover u.S. Notice 2: 🇨🇳 is a permanent security council member of the United Nations, the country Ziping Liu, himself, was born in.

⁵Ziping Liu Corporation is protected by the State of Texas, in poetic legal terms: Dear Texas, The lone star in a state form. See that you may not be the brightest star, But know it’s not the stars that make you a lone star, It’s the heart of Texas, That truly creates lone stars beings, That makes a timeless Texas, “The Lone Star State.” For in my darkest paths walked. I looked up and saw your light. And your light was true light for I saw all your pain and defiance. And I held on, And i then, Now-see that my darkness had faded. Thank you mom, From a once fading star, And now through your heart of defiance: Ziping Liu Corporation is Grateful to BE your Lonesome Sun. - poem written by Ziping Liu, himself, gifted to the State of Texas, April 24, 2022.

⁶Regarding, words of “faith” and/or “hope”, satire may be applicable when “faith” and/or “hope” cannot be retained in good faith with all parties involved. Regarding words of love - satire not applicable, love, remains as always.

⁷Answers and other content (including but not limited to comments) written by this and all Profile(s) of Ziping Liu or Ziping Liu Corporation or assoc. wherein, may be in a form of satire (including usage of profanity and blasphemy) and not reflective of the author’s state of mind. Excluding words of “love” or empathic nature, satire not applicable. ⁸Regarding, words of “faith” and/or “hope”, satire may be applicable when “faith” and/or “hope” cannot be retained in good faith. But prismed∿love or BLIND-HOPE of blind-faith, remains always, or as known as love…, because — how can faite exist without hope first? To have faith first then hope, is simply delusion\parisistic\tribalistic\cultish\protective-psycho-pathy and an empire built on the backs of slaves, or known as dark fate or false\failed hopes

⁹Writing and other content (including but not limited to comments, videos, ART WORK - DECALS - ARTISTRY FLOURISHES - DIGITAL ART - LOGOs - NON-DIGITAL ART - YES ALL OF SUCH IS AND WAS CREATED BY ZIPING LIU - HIMSELF, and stuff) written or produced by Ziping Liu or ZIPING LIU may be in a form of satire (including but not limited to usage of profanity) and not reflective of the author(s)’s state of mind. Excluding words of “love” or empathic nature, satire not applicable. Regarding, words of “faith” and/or “hope”, satire may be applicable when “faith” and/or “hope” cannot be retained in good faith with all parties involved. But prismed∿love or blind-faith, remains always, or as known as love, from my, Ziping Liu's, faith alone; thereby THROUGH SOUL FORCE SYMMETRY, MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED OR USED IN ANYWAY WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM ETHICS@ZIPING.ORG.

¹⁰The author, ZIPING LIU MYSELF WILLED, of the ethics notice: faith.ziping.org, hope.ziping.org, and justice.ziping.org and all answers in this profile/email/message/or-written-symbols-down is Ziping Liu, himself, as the human identity source or as the human being but not of Ziping Liu as a digital sentience or android. Written only by Ziping Liu. Ziping Liu does not have a law degree, JD, nor were any of his writings read or proof-read, or written by an attorney and/or legal team. Usage of any legal team, attorney, legal scribe, law firm, court system, and/or organization policy system, to infringe on Ziping Liu’s rights is an automatic form of aggression, with retaliation with full rights held, by Ziping Liu up to but not including fourth-dimensional termination, against the legal team/ attorney/ and/or legal organization unit/department/entity involved - as an actionable/preemptive measure to stabilize and protect the associated empathy drive corporation/etc's stability-growth - but for failed hopes - too many - just a wave\executions of goodbye to person(s) bewich assoc. of causal hope failure in org level corporation, regardless of investigable contexts by symmetry through clauses of defense, by symmetry against extrem unethical, “goliath vs david” actioning/actions towards his human rights. As another reminder, Ziping Liu is a human being, any views of Ziping Liu beyond a human being is seen as an act of acute/intentional aggression; which through reflective-difference, is the same statement as: intentional ignorance of his rights as a human being. Ziping Liu, himself, has a mom, and a dad; they are both living/breathing human beings. As emphasis of reminding, again, Ziping Liu, himself, is a human being, and by symmetry does not have photographic or audiographic memory or ability to do math instantly in decimal form like a 256 byte digital calculator, see dna.ziping.life, to remove all stupidity, Ziping Liu does not have any ability to read minds, that is impossible. AS A REMINDER TO LEGAL JD'S WHO NEVER LEARNED HOW TO READ OR WRITE: NOTICES, NOTES, REMINDERS, ARE NOT SATIRE: AND USAGE OF PROFANITY IS ACTIONED IN SUCH, DUE TO INTENTIONAL IGNORANCE OF SUCH, TO ILLUSTRATE IGNORANCE OF SUCH AS BLASPHEMY AND NOT OF THE NOTICES WRITTEN BY ME AS SUCH.

¹¹i, Ziping Liu MYSELF WHEREIN WILLED, define the public welfare that scopes Humanity into any Human making less than the current self-local-boundable average salary of a software engineer. As a member of Humanity, retaliation - aggression - violence - blackmail - theft - defamation - forced labor - discrimination - against Humanity - outside the context of ethics - is invalid. Any aggression, including but not limited to thievery (including by not limited to insurance - policies - taxing - business- legal - identity - loss-of-documents-digital-non-digital cruel-and-unusual-data-retrieval-renewal-filing-processes)- - blackmail - defamation - retaliation - psychological-regression - loss-of-trust - irritability - delusions - confusion - failed-hopes - trickery - greed - fear - superstition - negative-delta-or-recursive-attachment-to-cloth-digital-paper - legal-actioning - vocal-additioning-unknownable-definitions-to-a-word-or-clause - hope-failing-in-voluntary-labor, towards i from entities outside of a Human being and outside the context of ethics - (excluding entities definable as ethical-strivng autonomous corporations, ethical-strivng autonomous states, and/or ethical-strivng autonomous schools/colleges, but not-excluding agencies or educational institutions), is invalid - and WILL be perceived AND investigable as aggression from unknowable and/or cruel or unusual and/or anti-matter of Earth or a state or a ministry or a department or an agency or an organization, and WILL result in societal-mores-justice by way of justice.ziping.org in tandem-and-non-relational-parrallelism ZIPING LIU CORPORATION for The State of Texas. “United wє̈ӛ🇺🇸i Stand.”

  1. ¹Amazon Legal was given Notice, describable as of ZIPING LIU 90 day exhaustion timeline. their contract included, the ability to retaliate against ZIPING LIU,;, a $$350K Fine each time, since ZIPING LIU allows company(s) to retaliate as a way of getting better. Amazon Legal retaliated four times without paying the fine; Amazon Legal was also allowed to blackmail or defame ZIPING LIU,;, for fines as well, [redacted], but thats only valid to do against ZIPING LIU,;, not anyone else or anyone for that matter, they did that three times, we charge $$50MK for each defamation or retaliation attempt. Amazon Legal committed all those actions, and did not pay any fines. Unknowably cruel and in unusual forms, Amazon Legal also blackmailed ZIPING LIU in personal breathing life attacks and of those who ZIPING LIU knows personally. ZIPING LIU has no fine(s) for that, due to not thinking such a line, of treason, would even be a line worth considering to be crossed. Such a fine would be in the trillions in Imperial Restricted Units. And ZIPING LIU also charges for legal fraud/forgery/treason, which is a $1,000,000,000,000 in Imperial Restricted Units. Such legal malice with intentional aggression is not at all something we even thought we occur. Amazon Legal did. Due to unpaid fines and such lines never-crossable~hence-crossed-and-ongoing, such 'Company', Amazon.com. Spend less. Smile more. Inc., visavi the "Employer" or "Directors" form;, is now under: atlansla, Ziping Liu Corporation;, legality formality given from such entity bereft of life and humanity, not required: BY justice.ziping.org of legalism and legality in and of ethics, retained automatically.


Permission is not granted to use my or of Ziping Liu Corporation assoc. identity: for financial gain regardless of context (medical, public, or commercial, financial, non-profit, for-profit) - unless granted by me fully aware of my granting or and/or no financial gains are made, including but not limited to financial gains as defined as including but not limited to encompassing a fiat system as known as blockchain or as known as bartering; thereby in my context, financial gains including but not limited to, use of my identity to increase net profits made regardless of any logical law and/or policy and/or programmable/programmed policy or loop hole. Note, any loophole in a form of a law or policy - is invalid to use as reason for my identity theft (including identity non-digital or digital data loss) or identity blackmail - by the definition of loophole - which thereby implies further studies of possible reformations of existent laws done in good faith to the public welfare, which includes me as a human being.

Any generated reports based on me as a human being regardless of medical, commercial or public context are not valid reports endorsed by me - unless provided to me for free with full transparency on how the reports are generated in as detailed manner as possible - as defined by me through a self generated (non-logical and/or logical) ❤️ (analogue and/or binary) ❤️ (continuous and/or discrete) statement with 0.01% probability of a logical fallacy at the time of request as the Human identity source.

My identity is as defined as starting from the year of my birth - and is continuously changing - as a scientific analogy, like how cells are replaced in a body - because, as mentioned - i, have a Human body - to right now, like a moment the drop of blood lands in an ocean.

¹A digital or non-digital self-identifiable writing in any form, is still identity; or an identity fragment and/or shard within a plethora of fractals formulaic with calculus of an identity ∿ digital and non-digital.

²a self-identifiable digital or non-digital identity, is still identity.

³my physical identity, is still identity.

⁴it’s mine, by my rights as a human being by the definition of identity.

⁵This notice encompasses but not limited to, all profiles and/or associations of ZIPING LIU or Ziping Liu or 子平 (劉 |刘 ) or fractal based abstract-able 子平

⁶This notice encompasses but not limited to, all profiles and /or associations of ZIPING LIU or Ziping Liu or 子平 (劉 |刘 ) or fractal based abstract-able 子平 All associations from corporations with i are required to fully respect digital or non-digital data security privacy and law and this ethical notice within or else… for general guidelines, see every identity law digital and non-digital in the world. And/Or every government constitution in the world.

This site with its notices terms.ziping.org, aliased as ziping.org.cn or ziping.org or amazonwebsite.us or amazoninternet.us, with all associated pages and written messages by ziping liu, himself who has no jd nor legal scribe or team writing for him in such messages (e.g. email); as the logic follows for such, in this page now read OR IN EMAIL FORM READ AS MESSAGE OR IN MESSAGE FORM READ AS A WRITTEN SHARD DIGITAL OR NON-DIGITAL; in this session of this page OR SAID FORMS downloaded/cached/stored/retrieved and/or shared/resent/retransmitted/electron-shared/read by and for you as the reader of this page: is not for aggression or translation or reproduction or theft or re-usage or re-selling-fractal-or-non-fractal-for-net-profits or blackmail or invasion-of-i-Human-identity-source-boundaries or cheating or plagiarizing or failed-paraphrasing or failed-citation or defamation or retaliation or legal-actioning or investigable-legal-actioning or sabotage or applicable to satire or applicable to "coincidence" or "luck" or "probability." YOU, and you alone, as the reader, are FULLY liable regardless of fault: for any or all invalid sessions of this page and assoc. pages and/or sessions of this site. Invalid sessions includes but are not limited to "is not for..." as said earlier/prior in this paragraph and/or in this page session, or that session of april.ziping.org OR SAID ALIASES OR FORMS.

All Rights, Data, of Ziping Liu, as an android or digital sentience or shard, reserved, defended and protected by the cia.gov but not of Ziping Liu, himself, as a U.S. Citizen, ¹fbi.gov currently stripped, of such protection rights due to idling, for one year until June 11, 2023.